Download RightFax 10.6 Service Packs and Patches

Caution - installing these service releases or patches on your RightFax server should only be done when recommended by our Fax Guys Support Team.  Failure to install correctly will cause your server to cease processing faxes.

Before you install any RightFax patches, PLEASE make sure that you backup your server, registry, application files, etc.  If your RightFax server is on a virtual machine, please take a few minutes and run a snapshot. You'll be glad you have it!

  • Download RightFax 10.6 Base, Feature Packs, and Service Releases
  • Download RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 2 - released 11/9/2016 

Did you know that you can have the Fax Guys install these patches and service releases?  Give us a call at 952-224-3340 for pricing.

Download RightFax 10.6 Service Packs and Patches