Partnering With the Right Reseller Will Pay Dividends in the Long-Run

Download our Free Guide to get the insider tips and list of questions you should be asking to evaluate and select a RightFax Reseller. Here's what you should expect from your RightFax partner:

• The project runs smoother 

• The experts take the lead

• Your questions are always answered

• The tasks are complete

• Your expectations are set and met

• The stress is eliminated

• Your budget is adhered to

• The relationship is solid



• #1 RightFax Support Provider in North America

• RightFax Partner of the Year the Past 5 Years

• OpenText Platinum Partner

We've been in the fax biz for over 18 years and have installed over 1,200 fax servers and currently support over 1000 RightFax environments across North America. Some might think it's a little geeky, but our technical team has over 80 years of combined RightFax experience.

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Our Integration Partners

From healthcare to education to manufacturing and more, we have the expertise and experience to integrate RightFax with the key software applications in your organization. Here are just a few of our integration partners:partnersTFG.jpg


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